Fermat, the Internet of People and the Person to Person Economy

This is our vision about a decentralized and connected human species. It is also a plan on how to get there. Decentralization makes humans more resilient and eventually free. We offer an alternative to the current path where all humans will be connected to a matrix-like entity that will control it all, or a similarly ugly future as the one described at George Orwell novel “1984”.


The Fermat Project

We envision a world where people can freely interact electronically without unnecessary third party interferences. Both for social and commercial interactions. No spying, no censorship, no taking a cut on private transactions between individuals, no mining of private information, no unnecessary middlemen. A world where people are more important than entities like companies and states, a world where people have the choices and the means to interact directly between each other.

We have been living inside an ongoing trend towards centralization of power and control. In present time a handful of entities (giant companies or conglomerates and some states) dictates what a huge percentage of the world population can or cannot do. In this current path it is not difficult to predict that someday in the future some entity will control it all and there is when things can go really bad. Fermat is a community of people standing up against this trend, aiming to create a future where humans will be connected between them but in a decentralized way.

We need direct device to device communication, with data being stored at end user devices and apps built to interact with each other directly, over the Internet but without going through the web or requiring any service from any company or institution. We need Person-to-Person Apps that can run independent of any entity. This is the Fermat Project vision.

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Project Status

The project is 27 months old. The first year a handful of people joined forces to forge the vision and design the system architecture. The second year more than a hundred people collaborated to prove the concept was viable. We are now at the beginning of the third year, already producing production quality code. Over the course of the next 12 months we expect to release all the Internet of People components (there are many, and it is a technically challenging project). From there we will move on to bootstrapping the P2P economy, creating tools and client-side infrastructure to easily develop device to device P2P Apps.  

Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Internet of People

The concepts of Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Internet of People share a lot of similar properties. But if you take a closer look, you will find some major differences. Here we explore those differences and learn how any decentralized app can take advantage of the individual services these networks provide.

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More About Fermat

Fermat is an ambitious project. I admit it is complex and sometimes dificult to understand. There is a reason for that, and it is because in order to accomplish its mission we need to solve a long list of problems, all at the same time. I have found that the best way to explain Fermat is by writing short stories about it.

You can find all these stories about Fermat and the Internet of People here. 

Luis Fernando Molina, Founder.

Press Coverage


…“We will see an evolution from social to peer-to-peer,” says Molina.
because it is a device-to-device-based network…

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“…it will provide a web solution without third-party interference,which gives the platform several advantages. Privacy, cost and the removal of “arbitrary rules”…”

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Blockchain News

“…Fermat will become a catalyst in the evolution of the current “sharing economy” to a more robust “p2p economy” across multiple industries…”

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The Merkle

“…Fermat is cryptocurrency-enabled to allow for the global exchange of value. Peer-to-peer by design, Fermat features built-in privacy controls…”

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“…a new software development model that allows for collaboration and increased efficiency. It introduces the concept of “component ownership”…”

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Bloque Zero

“…un proyecto extraordinariamente ambicioso destinado a revolucionar la economía peer-to-peer (persona-a-persona)…”

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Laissez Faire

“…Fermat was designed to empower an ‘Internet of People’ in contrast to a ‘Web of Companies’ and to advance the P2P era and economy…”

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LTB Network

An Audio Interview

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The Cointelegraph

“…Developers can be paid modularly for app components that they create…”

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“…A decentralized and blockchain-fueled app platform which has existed in proof-of-concept mode for two years, Fermat has now officially launched …”

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The Bitcoin News

“…Fermat (a name derived from a French attorney/mathematician) is comprised of a team of over 60 full-time … crafting a new “Internet of People”…”

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Irish Tech News

By its design, Fermat will become a catalyst in the evolution of the current “sharing economy” to a more robust “p2p economy” across multiple industries.

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Stephen Downes

“… The great thing about this Internet of People, in contrast with the current web, is the option of freedom from third parties …”

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Street Fight

“…Imagine an on-demand service that requires no proprietary app to engage — food delivery for instance…”

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“…La app, … incentiva la collaborazione basata sul design di componenti e la progettazione condivisa…”

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El Bitcoin.org

“…Existe una cierta carrera mundial por ver quién produce la “killer app”, o la aplicación que masifique el uso de Bitcoin…”

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“…almost any use case currently functioning on the web or on mobile can be created on the Fermat system in a p2p format…”

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ForkLog in Russian

в рамках одноранговой сети мобильные приложения совершенно не требуют посредника для совместной работы.

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Blockchain Dynamics

An Audio Interview

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Virtual Currency Today

“…help businesses reduce their cost to develop applications by creating a platform where developers can sell pieces of code…”

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IoP Whitepaper
Read the Draft of the Internet of People Whitepaper. This cover the short term vision of the Fermat project. Technical details are discussed at the Software Requirements Specification document.


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Software Requirements Specification

Developers: Here you will find the technical details and definitions that are being implemented. Your suggestions and comments are welcome.


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Fermat Whitepaper
The Fermat Whitepaper covers the long term technical vision of the project. Some of it was implemented as a proof of concept here.

IoP Token Wallets



IoP Android Wallet
Download the Android IoP Wallet



IoP iOS Wallet
Waiting for Apple Approval



Ubuntu Wallet
Download the Ubuntu IoP Wallet



IoP Windows Wallet
Download the Windows IoP Wallet



IoP OSX Wallet
Download the Mac IoP Wallet

Secure your IoPs

Cold Storage Tutorial

for Ubuntu 16.04

Mainly Investors, Privateers and People that dont want to depend on their Bank use this technique. The Concept is easy: Install the IoP-Wallet and all its dependencies on a computer, that never touched the Internet, not even to install the wallet and its many dependencies. This ensures 100% safe Wallets that are tamper free and completely risk free.

Step-by-Step Tutorial



Luis Fernando Molina


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Community & Chapters


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IoP Token Mining

IoP tokens are currently mined by Fermat Local Chapters only. If you would like to mine IoP tokens you need to become a member of your local Fermat Community. All the information regarding IoP token mining can be found here.

Fermat Chapter Network

The Fermat Community is organized in Local Chapters. There is a chapter at every country and by contacting the local representatives you can have assistance in your local language. Find below the list of local chapters already running. You can participate in the project by joining a chapter or funding one if there is none in your reagion. Find here more information on the way we are organized. Here is the up-to-date list of local chapters.