What does IoP offer?

For digital businesses looking to cost-effectively scale globally, the Internet of People offers the world’s only infrastructure with an open social graph, direct access to people and direct device to device communication.

Open Social Graph

Global mapping of everybody with verified proof of how they’re related, open to anyone to use and contribute to.

It is comparable to Facebook + Google + all user databases combined but open for everyone to freely use it and innovate on top of it in a permissionless way.

Direct Access to People

People to People and Company to People interactions without going through silos.

It is like the Web, but instead of having Web Servers that allow you to connect to a company’s internal systems, it has Profile Servers that allows you to connect to anyone’s mobile devices.

Device to Device Communication

Removes all unnecessary intermediaries, including your own servers allowing you to cost-effectively scale globally.

It is like Bluetooth with a global range. It allows your end users to pair devices over the internet and run your app in device-to-device mode without servers.


The Internet of People is a decentralized infraestructure being developed by the Fermat Project. Please continue reading here.


Online Community

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