We believe we can build a better future.

Artist Interpretation of the Fermat System Architecture.

Fermat Is the New Internet of People That Enables the P2P Economy
A New Internet That Runs on Smartphones.
A New Peer-to-Peer Economy Free from Third Parties.
Downloading a better future.
P2P economy will never be the same with Fermat.
We envision a future where another Internet exists, an Internet beyond the web:
the Internet of People.
Our Vision

Everyone is part of that future, simply by using Fermat software on their smartphones. This new Internet of People is connected to the current web, yet it is independent from it at the same time. It offers the option of privacy. People use Fermat to create different profiles for different purposes: for chatting, as a job seeker, as an owner of an apartment for rent, as a taxi driver, a doctor, a dentist, a date seeker, and for selling goods or services, etc. People can find each other and connect directly with those who share their interests. In some cases just for socializing, and in other cases  for doing business. Fermat's software provides a set of specific apps designed for each type of interaction.

The great thing about this Internet of People, in contrast with the current web, is the option of freedom from third parties. This brings several advantages in terms of privacy, cost reductions and removal of arbitrary rules. At the same time traditional businesses and business operators are also available. This means that people can choose each time between doing business by themselves or through third parties in the cases where that provides greater benefits.

The P2P Economy is the evolution of the Sharing Economy.
It spans several industries from e-commerce to transportation, accomodation, jobs, and others.
Main Concepts

Fermat introduces several original concepts that we envision for the future. Among the most important ones are the Internet of People and the Peer to Peer Economy. The P2P Economy is enabled by the Internet of People and its main feature is allowing people to choose between pure P2P transactions or intermediated ones.

Fermat is a vision of peer-to-peer (P2P) free Markets.
Give us your feedback and help us improve!

The Fermat System Is a P2P Network, a Component Framework and an Ecosystem of White Label P2P Apps
Collaborative, Modular Development, Free from Waste.
Customizable Apps, Free from Mass-Market Uniformity.
Fermat enables you develop apps faster and earn money.
Every Fermat app is white label. You can specialize it or extend it for your own customers or your regional market. You can combine apps to produce new apps. You can also re-brand apps without programming at all, just by changing their skin. In all cases the system will honor original component authors sending them micro-payments from around the globe.
Fermat provides an unique framework for developers to build, mix, match, reuse and maintain interconnecting components for multiple apps. This enables developers to share app ownership and revenue streams - as well as saving time - in a way that has never been done before.
The Fermat System

Fermat is the system that enables the Internet of People. It is open source and it is being built by dozens of talented people around the globe. Anyone can join the project and contribute their expertise. An alpha version with limited functionality is already available at the Play Store.

Fermat seeks to merge mobile operating systems, like Android, with a blockchain agnostic collaborative framework for dynamic P2P applications. Immediate parties to the transactions will enjoy more direct control and ownership of all of their data and digital purchasing power.

Fermat's master plan includes the path to developing more important capabilities and use cases. A framework for collaboration has been created to facilitate phase by phase accomplishment of the master plan. The plan excludes duplicate functionality, saving both time and money.

Fermat is a new development approach: more collaborative and efficient way to build apps.
Join a dev team now and help build this future.

The Fermat Movement Is a Global Community
From Software Developers to Artists, from Designers to Business People.
Everyday Someone Is Joining the Fermat Movement to Create a Future Where People Are More Important Than Legal Fictional Entities.
Fermat is the road towards a new Internet where users aren't used.
Today our businesses, purchasing power, savings and personal data are a playground for hackers, tech giants, marketers, bankers, politicians and other third-parties to pilfer, mine, exploit and otherwise abuse at our expense.
Today, the Internet is defined by big institutions, gigantic server farms and massive user surveillance.
Remember when it was about connecting real people directly?
Join the community and help us build a better world.

We're building an open source framework that combines blockchain and P2P tech to allow anyone, anywhere to find, communicate and transact with anyone, anywhere without unwanted third party involvement or privacy risks.

Fermat is a vision of peer-to-peer (P2P) free markets.

Fermat seeks to upgrade mobile operating systems, like Android, with a blockchain-enabled, collaborative framework for dynamic P2P-based commercial applications. Immediate parties to transactions themselves would enjoy more direct control and ownership of all of their data and digital purchasing power.

It's a big shift toward shared app development and ownership.

Fermat's app framework incentivizes collaborative, component-based design and shared ownership tracked and paid over the blockchain.

It's a plan to get there.

Our master plan includes the most important capabilities and use cases that need to be developed. A framework for collaboration has been created to realize that master plan, phase by phase. The plan excludes duplicate functionality, saving both time and money.

It's a community incentivized to execute that plan.

Fermat is a movement that includes dozens of people across the world - including developers, designers and business people - incentivized via venture funding, cryptocurrency tokens, bounty programs and software component ownership - to build out the project and make it a success. It also includes a application token system to incentivize the provision of the required hardware and development of infrastructure and applications.

It's a framework under development.

Fermat’s network consists of specialized nodes that enable devices to communicate with each other to securely and autonomously exchange information, while Fermat’s framework sits on top of a device’s OS, like an extension that supports the ecosystem of Fermat apps. This ecosystem is formed, like a complex organism from a network of cells, from a vast set of interconnected, reusable atomic components, with several of them being the user interface (a Fermat app). We are proud to have recently released an alpha prototype on the Google App Store.

And our goal.

We want to make it possible for Internet users to chat, get a taxi, rent apartments, find a date, publish and search classifieds, find a job, hire or provide freelance services, get digital coupons, vouchers, and discounts, pay with fiat or cryptocurrency, and much more - directly with identity and privacy settings they fully control. We foresee a giant user-controlled distributed directory of all users, with their selected social profiles, professions, the products and services they provide and more.

Fermat is about choices… and, at its very core, Fermat is about freedom.
No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you can help make this happen.
Join the movement now.



What is Fermat? What is it for? What does the system look like?

Luis Fernando Molina presents Fermat at the 2015 Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Mexico City, December 4th-5th, 2015 (in Spanish).

Beautiful rendering of the evolution of the work done at the main code repository of the project in Github.

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