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In 1637, Pierre de Fermat wrote one simple line that kicked off 350 years of mathematical innovation. The Fermat Movement is committed to this same innovation by empowering people, increasing people’s freedom, respecting people’s privacy, decentralizing power, ensuring personal data ownership, respecting diversity, and encouraging collaboration. It is made up of independent projects that share these values. Based on these criteria, you’re either a Fermat project or not. Current Fermat projects are: the Internet of People, Cicada and the Personal Data Locker

What does the Internet of People offer?

For digital businesses looking to scale globally and cost-effectively, the Internet of People offers the world’s only infrastructure with an open social graph, direct access to people, and direct device-to-device communication.

Open Social Graph

Global mapping with verified proof of how everyone is related, open to anyone to use and contribute to.

Like Facebook plus Google plus multiple user databases combined, but open for everyone to freely use and innovate on top of in a permissionless way.

Direct Access to People

Enjoy people-to-people and company-to-people interactions without going through silos.

Like the Internet, but instead of having web servers to connect to a company’s internal systems, profile servers let you connect to anyone’s mobile device.

Device-to-Device Communication

Remove all unnecessary intermediaries, including your own servers, allowing you to scale globally and cost-effectively.

Like Bluetooth, but with a global range. End users can pair devices over the internet and run your app in device-to-device mode without servers.

The Internet of People is a decentralized infrastructure. To learn about more about this project, click here.

What does Cicada offer?

Cicada offers a distributed direct democracy and decentralized application platform.

Human Unique Identifier

A decentralized, privacy-guaranteeing Human Unique Identifier (HUID) unique to every person on the planet that returns control of personally identifying information (PII) to individuals, allowing for revocable, role-based access control to that data.

Universal Basic Income

A new blockchain backed by distributed proof of work (DPoW), which is immune to centralization thanks to a unified client/miner with only one miner allowed per person, linked anonymously to a HUID. Miners are randomly drafted into built-in pools, meaning everyone contributes yet nobody dominates. The system provides a workable Universal Basic Income (UBI), i.e., it pays users to participate, since everyone is drafted to secure the network. It is incredibly energy efficient because it does not mine all the time and it is also storage efficient, because it uses a distributed hash table (DHT) of historical blockchain transactions, allowing it to fit and run on a cell phone.

To learn more about this project please continue reading here.

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