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Artist Interpretation of the Fermat Framework Architecture.

Fermat helps you build Internet of People apps.

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The Fermat Framework

The fastest way to build IoP apps.

Fermat means shared app ownership.

Fermat provides an unique framework for developers to build, mix, match, reuse and maintain interconnecting components for multiple apps. This enables developers to share app ownership and revenue streams – as well as saving time – in a way that has never been done before. Fermat’s app framework incentivizes collaborative, component-based design and shared ownership tracked and paid over the blockchain.

Fermat is a mobile first.

Fermat seeks to upgrade mobile operating systems, like Android, with a blockchain-enabled, collaborative framework for dynamic P2P-based commercial applications. Immediate parties to transactions themselves would enjoy more direct control and ownership of all of their data and digital purchasing power.

Fermat is a framework under development.

Fermat sits on top of a device’s OS, like an extension that supports an ecosystem of Fermat apps. This ecosystem is formed, like a complex organism from a network of cells, from a vast set of interconnected, reusable atomic components, with several of them being the user interface (a Fermat app). The project started on 2014 and is under development.


Beautiful rendering of the evolution of the work done at the main code repository of the project in Github.


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